The R15 Driver Might Just Change Your Game

If you are planning to head for the local golf course this weekend, and are determined to lower you handicap, TaylorMade’s R15 driver might be the boost you have been looking for.


It’s 460cc head insures that the ball flies off its titanium face with the least possible spin. This allows the ball to travel further, even in windy conditions. The club’s Inverted Core Technology allows for a larger sweet spot, providing you with the chance to make perfect contact, and the shafts Thick Thin Casting gives the driver a low center of gravity, and gives you the perfect swing.


A popular feature of this club are two 12.5 gram sliders, located along the shaft. The sliders can be adjusted to help control a golfers swing, providing the ability to manage slice and fade.

Also, the Larkin Rubber Grip act to give drivers complete control, even in humid conditions.


This TaylorMade driver has been met with positive reviews, among pros and amateurs alike. Buyers at give it a 4.8/5 star rating, and on Golf Digests 2015 hot list it received 20/20 stars.


More information on this product can be obtained at the manufactures website: