Ever want to Know When Your Show’s Next Season Starts

The final episode of Arrow before it’s mid season break aired at the beginning of December. Fans do not have to wait too long for the next episode thought they have all been asking, when does Arrow return, which is due to air on 20th January. There are several things to be resolved from the last episode, including the outcome of Damien Darhk’s attack on Oliver’s party.

It has been a much longer wait for fans of Suits, who have been waiting since August wondering when is Suits returning. The wait will finally be over on the 27th January. The last episode ended without really knowing what to Mike and Harvey, so this is something that people will be eager to find out when the season returns.

The end of January will be an exciting time for fans of both these shows who have had an anxious wait to find out what has happened to their favorite characters. Viyoo has return dates for all of your favorite TV shows and has a countdown of how many days are remaining before they air. Perhaps your favorite home improvement show about Kitchens.