Detective Conan is a Hot New Manga

Teenage detective Shinichi Kudo has a small problem— after unluckily overhearing a conversation between villains, he is poisoned. Instead of killing him, the poison regresses him 10 years. Now attending elementary school, under the name of Conan Endogawa, the pint size Shinichi, along with his girlfriend Ran Mouri and a band of junior detectives, set out to foil the evil plans of The Organization of Men in Black. He is also assisted by a professor, who invents a bow tie as a conduit for Shinichi to use in his detective work.


The unstoppable detective Conan Endogawa gets into many similar situations in an acclaimed Original Animation Video Magna series entitled “Detective Conan“. With rich plots, interesting diverse characters and gorgeous animation, this OAV Magna is a must see for any fan of mysteries and magna. Detective Conan outdoes Sherlock Holmes when it comes to ingenuity and spunk, and has identity problems reminiscent of Superman and Batman, although his attitude is quite human and relatable.


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